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Greetings! I hope everyone is safely out and about enjoying summer vibes. 😷☀️🌴 😎🏊 I encourage soaking up as much Vit.D as possible however please be mindful that this virus is not done yet and safety is still the number one priority.


We're putting out our Fall Podcast schedule that kicks off in early October. We're starting with a three-part series called Embracing The Crone. There are many questions and stories about what the Crone represents. Many refer to her as the "old crone" and depict her as a shady old witchy woman with a wart on her nose and, with no real purpose.


Did you know that women are identified as Crones at age 40? Because of that dreadful depiction, many women resent and or fear this Crone identity. BUT... Have no fear ladies, the Crone is not any of those things This podcast series breaks down whom and what the crone represents in all her magnificent glory. We'll discuss the re-constructed modern-day, powerful, wise, sexy, and beautiful Crone, (did you know that a crone created "tantric sex"). After hearing all about her in this series, I am certain that all of you 40plus forever fierce and thriving gals will fearlessly embrace her.


In the meantime, read the attached blog to prepare for this thought-provoking series.


Follow me on IG for updates/information and stunning pictures of fabulous forever fierce and thriving crones.

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