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Making The Connection

Your Soul is the highest version of you.  The Soul is the direct line to the Divine.  Our Souls find gentle ways to communicate with us through feelings, intuition, dreams and symbols, and it is up to us to pay attention and catch the messages when they come. 

The Soul connects you to a  spiritual arsenal that include guides, angels, intuitive messages and much more.  This arsenal is available to all for us in our journey.

This module introduces methods that will heighten your awareness of your Soul-self.  You will learn to ways to prepare and connect and communicate directly by turning your attention inward to where your soul resides.



Lesson 1 - "Making The Connection"




Create A Visual

When coaching on the subject of Connecting With Your Soul During Midlife, the first thing I have clients do is visualize what the soul looks like.  It's different for everyone, some visualize a person, some see a ball of light or a spirit silhouette, an animal or a baby.  Some clients have reported that a name came to them while reading or while dreaming.  Having a visual makes the connection stronger.  My visual came to me by asking for it directly.  I put the intention out that I wanted to know what  it looked like and it came to me during a meditation.  Mine is a spirit silhouette, female with a big beautiful smile that flows through my body.



Assignment 1:  Create a visual for your Soul.

  • Get quiet.  Close your eyes and draw your minds eyes inward to the center of your body.  Be still and wait to see what comes up.  If nothing comes up...ask.  Begin looking out for symbols and paying attention to dreams.

  • Let this be a natural process, be patient. This should not be a complicated or forced process.

  • It may take several times before your visual comes to you. 


Create a Scared Space

As you begin connecting and communicating with your Soul, you will want to create a space where you can reflect, be quiet, go inside, and get centered. In your daily life, you have so much to think about and to do. Between work, children, and errands, you hardly have a moment for yourself. This is why you must have a special place to renew your connection with your inner self and spirit. When you create a place in your home that encourages quietness, it will call out to your soul “Come, sit and listen.

Set up an altar with spiritual objects to bring in the energy of spirituality. Each object can be placed with an intention for going deep within your heart and soul.

Creating an altar can be as simple as draping a small table with a special fabric. On top of the table, place items such as a scented candle, incense burner, spirit beads, essential oil diffuser, gemstones or natural objects like rocks and seashells that bring in the earth element. You can place a symbol of your religion or spiritual practice as well.


Add plants and flowers for energy, color and increased oxygen. Lavender and purple symbolize spirituality, pink opens the heart, green brings in nature’s balance and yellow stimulates health.

Your sacred special is a perfect place to connect with your soul, ask for guidance, connect with the divine, practice deep breathing and create a positive vision for your life. As you refocus on your inner life, you’ll find yourself calmer, clearer, authentically you, more confident and grounded, happier and more inspired to follow your heart. 


Assignment 2:  Begin creating your sacred space and alter.

  • Begin feeling out a space that feels right for you.  It can be as big or small as you want it to be.  It can be indoors or out doors.  My first sacred space was  on a wooden tray.  I placed a really nice piece of fabric on a tray and created my portable alter.  I took it with me when I took a bath or I'd sit it on a table or my bed when I was alone.  I would place it in a pillow case and place it in my closet when not in use.


  • Be patient. This process will probably take time as you feel out different locations.  Sit in the space for a while, get quiet and begin your spiritual practice.  Pay attention to how you feel in the space.  Trust your instincts, you will know when it's the right.


  • Really personalize your alter.  Take your time with this, the more time you spend in your space, you'll begin to instinctively know what to add.


  • You are not expected to complete this assignment in one week, however if you do, awesome!  You are expected to complete it over the 5 weeks. 




Soul-ful Affirmations

Affirmations are words or phrases which are said over and over to AFFIRM a single thought about yourself or other people. This is the way you have formed negative and positive programming through out your lifetime, saying things to yourself, about yourself, over and over. After thoughts are repeated, they soon become a BELIEF, and then we think this belief is our reality. In this way we form fears of poverty, health, weight and relationships and the emotions connected with these beliefs can even become our comfort zone, no matter how negative they might be. Affirmations also help form new habits like communication with your soul daily.

Some say it takes 21 days of repetition for an affirmation to make its mark on your psyche, so aim to keep your affirmation going for at least a month. In the beginning, you will have to consciously choose to repeat your affirmations. If you repeat them at every opportunity, they will begin to replace the negative mind banter that takes over when we are not monitoring our thoughts. The following are examples of soul-ful affirmations:

  • I'm grateful for the opportunity to connect with my soul

  • Connection with my Soul daily strengthens my well-being

  • I welcome my Soul's presence in my life

  • Connecting with my Souls strengthens my connection to the Divine

  • I promise to be open to its  subtle, yet powerful, ways of communicating to me through dreams, visions,  feelings, insights, and the myriad of other ways it speaks to me today


Assignment 3:  Incorporate daily affirmations.

  • Based on the attached document (How Do Affirmations Work), create three of your own affirmations, in your language that will assist you in your daily connection with your soul.

  • Affirm daily.

  • Don't just say the words, feel and visualize them.



Use the space below to ask questions, connect with others who are taking this course, share your experiences and progress. 

  Be Well

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